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Thomas Benfield, MD DMSc
Professor and Director

Administrative staff

Charlotte Kastberg Levin, Projectmanager

Tina Friis Andersen, Administration and Finance Manager


Michaela Tinggaard, MD PhD-studerende
Projects: A pneumococcal carriage study of children and older adults

Karen Brorup Heje Pedersen, MD PhD-studerende
Projects: AVERTAS-1, AVERTAS-2

Sandra Skrumsager Hansen, MD PhD-studerende
Projects: Short course antibiotic treatment of Gram-negative bacteremia: A multicenter, randomized, non-blinded, non-inferiority interventional study

Nichlas Hovmand, MD PhD-studerende
Projects: Bakteriel meningitis og invasiv meningokoksygdom

Louise Thorlacius-Ussing, MD PhD-studerende
Projects: Efficacy of seven and fourteen days of antibiotic treatment in uncomplicated Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia (SAB7): A randomized, non-blinded, non-inferiority interventional study

Clara Lundetoft Clausen, MD PhD-studerende
Projects: Viruspneumoni og diagnostik

Simone Elisabeth Bastrup Israelsen, MD PhD-studerende
Projects: Influence of clinical stability, duration of antibiotic treatment and conventional risk factors on the outcome of community-acquired pneumonia among adults

Cæcilie Leding, MD
Projects: CCAP-2, CAP5, GNB5


Lene Fogt Lund, MD PhD
Projects: Invasive meningococcal disease in Denmark

Ditte Marie Kirkegaard-Klitbo, MD PhD
Projects: Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in HIV Infection

Study Nurses

Louise Krohn-Dehli, RN

Signe Lysemose Villadsen, RN

Technical staff

Anna Louise Sørensen, Laborant

Statistics & Data Management

Håkon Sandholdt, Biostatistician

Research Assistants

Nick Emilio Normand, BSc
Research assistant

Frederik Viggo Lautrup Esmann, BSc
Research assistant

Amalie Elisabeth Moth, BSc
Research assistant

Amalie Stougaard, BSc
Research assistant

Magnus Søltoft Lindhardt, BSc
Research assistant

Tobias Vegge Andersen, BSc
Research assistant

Frederik Færgemann Lau, BSc
Research assistant

Birgitte Nielsen, BSc
Research assistant

Ruth Salim, BSc Research assistant

Magnus Illum Dalegaard, BSc Research assistant

Robert Strengen Bigseth, BSc Research assistant

Former staff

Simon Rye Clausen, Administrativ medarbejder & fundraiser